Provinces of the Philippines

There are 81 provinces in the Philippines. Within these provinces of the Philippines are 145 cities, 1489 municipalities and 42,045 barangays.

Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines Zamboanga del Sur is an independent province and Zamboanga City is an independent chartered City. Neither one belongs to the other. Yet google and the government of the Philippines continues with their erroneous ways and report Zamboanga City as part of Zamboanga del Sur. (“Stupid is as stupid does”) Zamboanga del …

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Ifugao, Philippines

The province of Ifugao is within Region XIV-Cordillera Administrative Region The province of Ifugao is in the island of luzon It has 11 Municipalities and 175 Barangays. Population of IFUGAO, Region 14 (CAR) as of 2020 census: 207,498 For 2015 Ifugao Population = 202,802 For 2007 Ifugao Population = 180,711 Featured News of the Philippines

Davao Oriental, Philippines

The province of Davao Oriental is within Region XI Capital of Davao Oriental is Mati City, Davao Oriental, PhilippinesThe Province of Davao Oriental was created under R.A. 4867 on May 8, 1967. The diverse natural resources including forest and agricultural products, mineral resources and tourist spots are a source of potential industries, investments possibilities and …

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