Phrases and greetings in chavacano

Good day!, Good morning! – Buenas dias!

Good afternoon! – Buenas tardes!

Good Evening!; Good Night! – Buenas Noches!

Hello, Hi – Buenas

Welcome! – Bienvenidos!

What is your name?  is РCosa el de tuyo nombre?


  • Howdy! – Quetal?
    • Reply:
      • Very well, thank you! – Muy bien, gracias! or: Buenamente man, gracias!
        Quite well, thank God! – Bueno man, a Dios gracias!
  • How are you? – Quetal? or Quetal man uste?
    • Reply:
      • And how are you?; And you, how goes it? – Y uste, quetal man?

        Equally well, thanks!; Same! Igualmente bien, gracias!; Tambien! Bueno-bueno, man!

  • How do you do? – Como esta usted?
    • Reply:
      • Oh, so-so! – Okey man yo!;
      • I am okay! ¬†Okey lang!

Small Talk

  • Where are you going?
    • Donde tu anda?
  • Where is this place?
    • Donde este lugar?

Last Updated on February 1, 2022