Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

Zamboanga del Sur is an independent province and Zamboanga City is an independent chartered City. Neither one belongs to the other. Yet google and the government of the Philippines continues with their erroneous ways and report Zamboanga City as part of Zamboanga del Sur. (“Stupid is as stupid does”)

Zamboanga del Sur is a province of the Philippines located in the western part of Mindanao and is in the Zamboanga Peninsula. Zamboanga del Sur is occupying the southern section of the Zamboanga Peninsula that forms the western part of the island of Mindanao. It is located within longitude 1220 54′ to 1230 40′ east and latitude 70 22′ to 80 20′ north. It is bounded in the north by the Province of Zamboanga del Norte, in the south by the Moro Gulf, in the southwest by the newly-created Province of Zamboanga Sibugay, in the east by the Province of Misamis Occidental, the Panguil Bay and a portion of Lanao del Sur Province.

Stretching northward from Sibugay Province in the southwest and running along the northern boundary onward to Salug Valley in the east is a mountainous country. The coastal plains are narrow strips extending regularly from the southwest, then spreading into wide flat lands when reaching the coastal plains of Baganian Peninsula in the southeast.

  • Created in September 17,1952 R.A. No. 711 with a land area of 473,491 hectares.
  • The province of Zamboanga del Sur is in Region IX
  • The capital city of Zamboanga del Sur is Pagadian City.
  • Zamboanga del Sur has 26 Municipalities, 1 City, and 681 Barangays.
  • Registered Voters per the COMELEC as of 2010 = 851,280
  • Population (as of 2015 census) = 1,010,674
  • Population (as of May 1, 2010 census) = 959,685
  • Population (as of Aug 1, 2007 census)= 914,278

Municipalities and Cities in Zamboanga del Sur

Municipalities in the Zamboanga Del Sur Province within Region IX(zamboanga peninsula) in Republic of The Philippines
AuroraBayogDimatalingDinasDumalinaoDumingagGuiposJosefinaKumalarangLabanganLakewoodLapuyanMahayagMargosatubigMidsalipMolavePitogoRamon MagsaysaySan MiguelSan PabloSominotTabinaTambuligTigbaoTukuranVincenzo A. Sagun
Cities in the Province of Zamboanga del Sur: Pagadian City

Location of Zamboanga del Sur

  • 7.8333° N, 123.2500° E – Zamboanga del Sur, Coordinates

Note: This google map puts Zamboanga City as part of Zamboanga del Sur. This is wrong! Zamboanga City is not part of Zamboanga del Sur

Zamboanga del Sur Municipalities and Zip Codes

Source: Philippine Postal Corporation
  • This table is Sortable by Location or by ZipCode
7011BayogZamboanga del Sur
7013KumalarangZamboanga del Sur
7014LakewoodZamboanga del Sur
7015DumalinaoZamboanga del Sur
7016Pagadian CityZamboanga del Sur
7017LabanganZamboanga del Sur
7019TukuranZamboanga del Sur
7020AuroraZamboanga del Sur
7021MidsalipZamboanga del Sur
7022Don Mariano MarcosZamboanga del Sur
7023MolaveZamboanga del Sur
7024Ramon MagsaysayZamboanga del Sur
7025TambuligZamboanga del Sur
7026MahayagZamboanga del Sur
7027JosefinaZamboanga del Sur
7028DumingagZamboanga del Sur
7029San MiguelZamboanga del Sur
7030DinasZamboanga del Sur
7031San PabloZamboanga del Sur
7032DimatalingZamboanga del Sur
7033PitogoZamboanga del Sur
7034TabinaZamboanga del Sur
7035Margo sa TubigZamboanga del Sur
7036Vicencio SagunZamboanga del Sur
7037LapuyanZamboanga del Sur
7042GuiposZamboanga del Sur
7043TigbadZamboanga del Sur

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